Cube Orbit – Almost Finished

Before Christmas, I started yet another game project. I had the core game loop prototyped almost a year ago. It always felt fairly accessible as well as fun and from a developers/designers perspective it promised to be a project with limited scope. Just what I needed to finally finish a game, since my last game “Gravity Racing Madness” was released almost 4 years ago. Now it is finally there. The first people play the alpha, I feature freezed; we are still tweaking the right balance, but that is it. There even is a website.

Cube Orbit is a free-to-play casual match-3 single player game with 3D graphics. An average run lasts between 45s and 10 minutes. The perfect distraction for commutes, standing in line, or other short annoyances. It was specifically designed for mobile touch devices. The game has a fairly abstract design with no references to violence, sexuality, drugs, or inappropriate language. It might be problematic for players with photosensitivity.

Digging into colored cube structures is aesthetically pleasing and naturally relaxing. Juxtaposition with a timer leads to a rewarding and challanging experience. The coloring cooldown is neccessary to avoid winning the game solely by fantic tapping and adds another dimension of depth to the game. Carefully choosen bonuses, powerups, and skills allow for long-term fun with the game.