Environmental concept art and YouTube

Early concept art of the environment for our first game.

To establish scenery and mood for the new game, I forced myself into digital painting for the first time. After sweating hard for a couple of days and with a little help from youtube, I came up with this beaut’ here. While it certainly does not reach the masters I learned from, it provides a sufficient starting point to create further assets for my “Zuma meets The Binding of Isaac” genre-mix.

Here is a list of YouTube tutorials that I found rather useful and complementary to each other. I hope this helps you to filter the abundance of vids for this subject matter.


Photoshop basics for painting digitally

The following video series explains the basics for using a drawing tables, photoshop brushes, colors, wet-in-wet color mixing, color pallets, using layers in paintings, lassoing, and more. All you need to start painting in photoshop.

Perspective, Values, Light

As I learned these three concepts are key to any painting. I found the following tutorials most useful for explaining these concepts. (I left out composition: it seems to be hard to teach and explain. At least, I could not find a video on it that I liked.)




Example paintings

The amount on high quality timelaps videos with great artists doing great art seems unlimited.

I picked the next clip as an example where the artist only uses basic brushes. Very pure demonstration on composition, perspective, values, and light.

The following uses different techniques relying on textures and custom brushes. But in the end, it is still composition, perspective, values, and light.

Pro artists are fast. Timelapses of pro artists are even faster. This leaves the impression that you have to hurry. I found it very necessary to slow myself down. In this example the artists shows a complete painting drawn in realtime. This is still a way faster speed than I recommend for beginners like me to aim for though.

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