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Help! Our RPG Match-of-3 crossover has NO TITLE


Participation wanted: Suggest a title for our first game. Post ideas on our facebook page or twitter me (@mscheidgen, #cubemonster).

Soon available for App Store Google Play

Stay tuned to try the gameplay during the first playtests early 2014.


Early screenshot (Dec 2013) – No player or monsters yet! More is coming soon.
Screenshot with new “low-poly” style background. First monster is showing. Still very early. (Jan 2014)
Did a lot of rework “engine”-wise. The first monsters are now working probably and can be actually killed. I hope, I can present the “going from room to room”-mechanic next week. (Feb 2014)
I introduced rooms. The play now has a full level of rooms, which you have to clear before you can proceed to the next room. The rooms can also contain obstacles, have different sizes, etc. Colors don`t match though. Still a lot to do. (March 2014)
New tiles with low poly style and random rooms and level shapes.
New dynamic background with cloud shadows.
Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 1.58.29 PM

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